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Greg Elsey Director and Coach, Interconnect Counselling Coaching & Consulting

Greg Elsey, Director and Coach, Interconnect Counselling Coaching & Consulting has been a member of Brisbane Water BRG since June 2018.

I have decades of management experience, a background in business ownership, a passion for helping people become the best they can be in business, a counsellor, a Meditation Teacher, and an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner.

I have enormous respect for managers and business owners, having spent most of my career in management roles. They deal with a wide range of issues daily, doing their best to stretch their experience and training to cover everything they are presented with.

Throughout my life, I’ve observed intelligent, hard-working managers struggle with every kind of problem in the workplace. I’ve come across hundreds of different people suffering very similar issues. Different people, different settings, and the same problems to be worked on, worked through, and resolved. It is my belief that each one of these managers held the solutions to their problems inside their own heart and mind, and needed help to step back and discover their own solutions.

Over the years I’ve refined my way of helping people to strengthen their management muscles. I learned a lot about myself, my life, my own path. I became even more determined to choose a path where I could work directly with business owners and managers, facilitating positive changes in their work and personal lives. I wanted to help people, I knew that. I wanted to help managers and business owners. I released a few limiting thoughts and beliefs I’d held onto without even knowing it, and I redefined my own future. I have lived the work-life changing path that I now offer to others. My work life was finally aligned with my interests and personal strengths.

Interconnect Counselling Coaching & Consulting facilitates positive change in people’s lives.

Member of Brisbane Water Business Referral Group

Brisbane Water chapter meets every second Wednesday at 7:15Am, at Frangipani Café, Imperial Centre (William Street Entrance), Gosford NSW

The networking meeting starts at 7:30 AM  sharp to 8:30 AM

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