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Here is what our loyal members had to say about how they have benefited form Business Referral Group.

I have been a member of the Penrith BRG Chapter for over 8 years now and have not regretted a minute. My decision to join was governed by 2 factors – firstly a desire to develop a reliable referral source to secure additional business, and secondly to learn from the educational material they provide. I have since also realised the value of having a wide range of occupations to which I can refer my clients, knowing that they will be looked after. This strengthens the relationship I have with my clients because I have been able to assist them with a problem they may have been facing. I would strongly recommend BRG to any small business person – at least attend a couple of meetings and then determine if it’s right for you. Best Regards

Denis Hardy

A & R General Insurance Services Pty Ltd

I have been a member of Business Referral Group for approximately 18 months now and already I have received new business from multiple referrals within the group. This I am grateful for – in addition to the new connections I have formed with other local business people. I look forward to catching up with them at each meeting and being able to reciprocate on referrals. The meeting format and frequency enables members of our group to really get to know my business, and I their businesses so that trusted referrals can naturally flow. From my experience these two factors (understanding and trust) are essential in order for someone to refer business to you. BRG also provides small business owners like me with an open friendly forum of other professionals to share business ideas and discuss current market business topics. I consider BRG an invaluable part of my businesses marketing and in addition to this, the valued information and comradely of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Louise Sykes

Visual Strategies

I Have been a member of Business Networking Groups for seven years, Business Referral Group was the first group which i started and  still a member. Have gained enormous amount of knowledge form all other members from their weekly presentation. In the last seven years have seen so many referral exchange some were actually in the 5 to 6 figure profit, I always say i have my weekly sales meeting rather than networking meeting as each member will be presenting your business other business and they will be generating sales for your company or organization. Every week i look forward to generate more referrals for my business colleague at Business Referral Group as the return will be tenfold… Always Smiling

Michael Janamian

Website Design | SEO | Digital Marketing, Sydney Website Design Agency

I can thoroughly recommend Business Referral Group to any SME. After testing the waters with other groups I find BRG ticks all the boxes. Referrals, networking, fellowship and like minded business people who are looking for your input and who will provide you with valuable feedback. Feedback that helps you use real world business experience to grow yours. Maybe I got lucky but the group I joined is an awesome group of people!!

Stephen Pead

Your Sales Solutions

I joined Kingston BRG early in 2014 and have found the members of my group to be very welcoming and supportive.I enjoy catching up every fortnight and building the trust and business relationship with my fellow members so I can feel comfortable to refer them to my clients and my broader network. The bookkeeping industry can be an isolated working environment so to be able to network outside of that industry with like-minded business owners is a benefit to myself and the growth of my business. One of the main reasons I joined was to participate in the open business discussion topics.  It is amazing the wealth of knowledge and experience that exists in one room, and to enjoy this over bacon & eggs!! I would highly recommend small business owners to seek out their local BRG or grab some colleagues and start one up with the support of Carolyn.

Katrina Aarsman

Essential Office Solutions

We have been a member of BRG for some time now, attending networking meetings such as the ones at BRG are a great way to connect with like minded people and expand your business. BRG is a great example of a well run and flexible networking organisation. The long term connections created through BRG are priceless.

Roy Halabi

Guardian property specialist

I have been a member of the Penrith BRG for over a decade and what a difference it has made to my business growth.  Early in my financial planning career it just made sense to join.  Being industry exclusive was very attractive to me and there were a dozen or so members at that stage and I only knew one of them.  It took a while but before the year was finished, my membership cost was more than recovered and hence it was a great investment.  Over the years, I have developed great relationships with members and many are clients now too.  The Penrith Group has been a source of solutions to a wide range of my business challenges and being a member of the group means there is always someone with experience to talk to.  I reckon if you’ve got a chance to join a BRG, do it!

Bernard Fehon

Manager and Certified Financial Planner, Invest Blue Penrith

I have been a member of the BRG for 14 years and it has been the best thing I’ve done for my businesses. My fellow members at Pennant Hills have a wide range of knowledge on business and I have learnt so much from them. I wouldn’t be where I am, running two successful businesses, without their knowledge, support and friendship. The cost of membership has easily been recouped during the year from the referrals I have received. I highly recommend joining this wonderful group of people where you have the expertise of not only your own local group, but that of all the other groups as well. Warm regards
Judy Vincent

Compass Travel & Cruising, Compass Travel & Cruising

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