Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at a meeting?
A meeting starts with introductions from all members and guests, which includes who we are, what we do and the type of referral we look for, followed by a discussion on referrals (who has passed referrals, feedback etc), 1 or 2 presentations from members (depending on the size of the group), a business discussion topic and then general business.
How often do groups meet?
Most of our groups meet fortnightly, however we do have a couple which meet weekly. The frequency of meetings is to accommodate the needs of members.
How do I become a member?
We suggest you come along to a meeting as a guest in the first instance to give you the opportunity to meet the members and they meet you and the suitability of you and your business for the group. Should you then be interested in applying for membership, you will be supplied with information regarding membership and an application form. Once an application form is received, we seek approval from members in order to have it approved.
How do I find out if a vacancy exists for my business?
In order to find out if there is a vacancy for your industry in a chapter near you, please register as a guest on this Link advising the nature of your business and where you are located. Should there be a vacancy, you will be provided with an invitation and more information regarding the next meeting.
I don’t have lots of business contacts, so I am concerned I couldn’t generate referrals?
You would be surprised how referrals come up…. The most critical part of the referral process is the relationships formed with other members. Once you build the trust, rapport and credibility with other members, you become ‘top of mind’ and vice versa. Referrals happen in everyday situations. You start to hear triggers, which gives you an opportunity to suggest they speak with someone you know may be able to help them. It could be in the workplace, with colleagues, social events or with neighbours.
What happens if I can’t attend a meeting?
We understand the day to day demands of running a small business and that sometimes other unavoidable things come up. If you have the opportunity to send a substitute, you are most welcome to do so. If not, please advise us by email prior to the meeting so as we can table your apology. If you are unable to attend meetings for a period of time, please contact BRG to discuss.
What happens is a guest seems to provide similar services to me?
While we attempt to qualify guests before coming along to ensure there are no overlaps with another members business, sometimes all services and/or alliances aren’t revealed. If you are concerned about potential overlaps, please contact BRG ASAP to advise your concerns. The guest can then be referred to another suitable group.
It’s my first member spotlight, what should I present?
If you are presenting at BRG for the first time, it is advisable to give an overview of your background, experience, the range of services your business offers, a clear picture of your ideal client/referral and a catchphrase of what you would like the members to say about you…; Joe Bloggs is an accountant at XYZ Company. He specialises in small business tax planning and management accounting.
I have been to a meeting, how do I get a membership application form?
After attending a meeting as a guest, you will be contacted by BRG and provided with membership information and an application form. If you are keen to get the process started before we have had the opportunity to contact you, please contact requesting the information.

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