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Ron Browne, Managing Consultant of Extrapreneur Services – I have recently joined Balmain BRG, in October 2020. I was previously a member of Penrith BRG from 2001 to 2012.

Ron Browne is at the leading edge of business practitioners with his unique combination of Business Development, General Management, Governance, Sales, Marketing and Training skills, honed over four decades focussed on developing people and businesses, improving governance and management processes and increasing market share in various industries, places . Businesses of all sizes, ranging from micro, small, medium to large organisations have benefited from Ron’s skill at analysing marketplace opportunities, devising strategic marketing plans, guiding better governance structure and processes, managing business risk and training staff to better implement customer focussed action plans.

BRG has been instrumental for my business in connecting me with like minded business owners looking to grow our businesses through referrals. A warm lead is so much better than a cold call for converting to business as well as creating a network of other services I can offer, via referral, to my clients.

I have previously been able to assist other members by providing their clients with services they cannot provide, enahncing their benefit to their customers.

The Law of Reciprocity is the most powerful learning, in that Givers Gain, but really only when they give without the expectation of return.

Member of Balmain Business Referral Group

Balmain Chapter meets every second Wednesday at 7:15Am, at Old Rosebud Cafe, 654 Darling Street, Rozelle NSW

The networking meeting starts at 7:30 AM  sharp to 8:30 AM

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