Steven Kay Strategic Business Coach

Steven Kay Business Strategy Coach

Steven Kay, a Business Strategy Coach has been a member of Balmain BRG since 2010. Steve has proven himself as one of the world’s leading business and personal coach. Steve has won numerous awards and was inducted into the Action Coach Hall of Fame in 2009. He is well known for his mentoring and coaching of the Platinum Electricians franchisee group that has grown from $1m to $40m since 2003. Steve currently has clients from many different industries including trades, accountancy, financial services, property, marketing and distribution. The most important question you need to ask before calling Steve is ….are you coachable?


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Balmain Chapter meets every second Wednesday at 7:15Am, at Old Rosebud Cafe, 654 Darling Street, Balmain NSW

The networking meeting starts at 7:30 AM  sharp to 8:30 AM

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