Pest Control Parramatta

 Pest Control Parramatta

Pest Control Parramatta; at Safe Home Pest Control we provide Professional Pest Management Solutions for your home or business by providing you a safe, healthy and pest free environment.

Who wants a nasty surprise when they go to the pantry, the wardrobe, worse still when you go to bed? What about when you get the mail from the letter box? How about those silent and cruel termites which destroy and eat through your valuable property without you even knowing about them?  NO, thank you?

At Safe Home Pest Control we offer our best Pest Management Solution for you to protect your home and business from those unwanted nasty guests with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our services including but not limited to: Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Fleas, Bedbugs, Rodents, Bird Proofing, Termite Inspections/Termite Treatments to Residential, Commercial and Industrial.

Having several years of experience in Pest Control services we easily can identify the type of pest our clients are dealing with in a thorough inspection beforehand conducting the job to make sure of the best possible pest management solution to controlling the targeted pest infestation choosing the best and safest controlling agents in the market.

We are totally aware that there is always some question remaining in peoples mind that “what type of chemical we are using?  Are they safe for our children and pets? How bad will they smell?”

Well, the best answer is, at Safe home pest control we do our best using our best knowledge and experience in pest management solutions to minimise using chemical and using our unique and safest techniques in order to stop the pests entering and damaging your property as well as controlling them when they have already entered into your house or work place.

On the other hand if we have to use any chemical, the controlling agents that we are using are all safe, odourless and more importantly are registered and approved by APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority).

Keeping our clients Safe is our priority and giving them with 100% Service satisfaction is our Goal.



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